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Lobe Blower Manufacturers In Mumbai


Economy Refrigeration is a leading manufacturer of Lobe Blowers in Mumbai – India, We manufacture Lobe Blowers using latest state of art technology thereby ensuring a good quality product. These Lobe Blowers have been designed keeping specific demands of the industry in mind.

  • Helical timing gears for smooth operation easier timing and greater service factors.
  • Double row ball bearings on gear end of every model.
  • Rotors and shafts are cast integrally; this affords larger shaft diameters and reduces risk of impeller breakage.
  • Impellers have straight through cores to reduce risk of loss of balance due to liquid entrapment.
  • Drive shaft is supported by a cylindrical roller bearing for greater overhung load capacity.
  • All shaft surfaces in contact with sealing members are polished to reduce seal wear and risk of leakage.
  • Blower can be mounted either horizontally or vertically with same feet.


Economy Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company of lobe blower manufacturers in Mumbai, India known for producing state of the art products for the extensive industrial market in India. As a company that has been designing and developing twin lobe air blowers and tri lobe roots blowers for many years now, Economy Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. has mastered the art and craft of producing state of the art products that deliver high quality output with lower input. Each of these devices comes with a robust motor. Additionally, the devices are equipped with a wide range of distinct features that make them indispensable in the industrial sector of India. These include sturdy design, duty operation, reduced noise, reduced vibrations and pulsations, as well as minimal maintenance and longer bearing life.

Being one of the most reputed Lobe Blower manufacturers in Mumbai, India with an extensive experience in the industry, the professionals at Economy Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd are well aware of the various technical requirements and expectations of the clients which make it possible for them to create top quality products. Each of the products that are developed by Economy Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd is tested for the highest level of efficiency before they are approved for being sold to the clients.

The experts with Economy Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. can also deliver customized support to their clients to improve their overall technical proficiency with these machines. It is factors such as these that make Economy Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. the number one companies of Lobe blower manufacturers in Mumbai, India.