Liquid Ring – Two-Stage KLRC


KLRC Two-Stage

Features • Ideally suited for pumping wet mixtures – even slugs of liquid • Can pull down as low as 4 Torr (5.3 mbar a) • Low-pressure performance is limited by the vapor pressure of the sealing liquid: water, oil or process liquids • Complete engineered system solutions available: instrumentation, controls, piping & valves • Self-contained liquid recovery & recirculation are available • Center-anchored tie rods allow access to either end of the pump without total disassembly • Double mechanical seals available in models KLRC75 through KLRC525 to meet API Piping Plan Requirements Available in standard, all iron construction (no yellow metals) and 316 stainless steel. Liquid ring pumps often require water-cooling, but air-cooling systems are available. Typical Applications • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing • Vapor Recovery • Deaeration • Extruders • Crystallizers • Central Vacuum Systems Models:  KLRC75, KLRC100, KLRC125, KLRC200, KLRC300, KLRC525, KLRC950