Maintenance is the key for keeping your valuable equipment at peak operating levels

Our Service department can offer spares for vacuum furnace from graphite board to refurbished vacuum pumps

  • Hot zone graphite, ceramic and Molybdenum parts.
    We can offer the above-mentioned parts at competitive prices
  • Hot zone heating elements

We can provide heating elements for all kinds of vacuum furnaces. Special elements for old furnaces can be redesigned and provided by us.

  • Technical and machined ceramics.
    Complex shapes can be engineered and supplied by us. Ceramics with Alumina of 99.9% are also supplied.
  • Vacuum seals and components
  • Vacuum fluids and oils
    Vacuum oils for Mechanical pumps, booster pumps and silicone oil for Diffusion pumps are available with us.
  • Temperature control instrumentation
  • CFC profile and CCC sheets
  • Graphite & foil or Graphite & CFC faced boards etc.
  • Helium leak detection services.
  • Calibration services and repair 

Contact Person : ANIL CHELLANI
Tel No : 022-25205864/66 | Cell number : + 91 8828421713
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Our facility has a full-fledged workshop for refurbishment of vacuum pumps. Complete hot zone refurbishment and replacement are also undertaken.

Metal heating elements